Shot on iPhone 12 | Everyday Experiments: Full Bloom | Apple
Commissioned by Apple. Celebrate spring’s colors, life, and growth with iPhone 12.

00:00 - Intro

00:23 Stop Motion
See change in a new way with:
- Pruners
- Photos and Videos on iPhone 12

00:53 Slo-mo
Take in every beautiful moment with:
- Highlighter markers
- String
- Tape
- Magnifying Glass
- Drinking Straws
- Slo-mo on iPhone 12

1:51 Time-lapse
Capture growth and movement with:
- A lamp
- Tripod
- Time-lapse on iPhone 12

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12 by Donghoon J. and James T. of Incite.

Song: “two queens in a king sized bed” by girl in red -

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